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Heroes Make Heroes

Will you make a difference in the life of a child?


Be A Hero!

We call our kids “our heroes of tomorrow.” They have big dreams and to reach those dreams, children need opportunities for academic enrichment, and most importantly, they need to find true life that comes through the love of the heart-changing Gospel.

We need your help to ensure we can support and sustain up to four elementary campuses in the 2020-22 school years.

Please consider becoming someone's hero by pledging a two-year gift that will eternally impact the life of a child. During these turbulent times, children have suffered great anxiety and fear and are looking for security and stability. Even amid this uncertainty, you can be a HERO today!

Two Year Pledge Totals

  • $1,200 ($50/month): Provides afterschool supplies every month
  • $2,400 ($100/month): Sponsors a student for one year
  • $3,600 ($150/month): Feeds a meal to 60 students every month
  • $4,800 ($200/month): Supports our curriculum supplies and activities
  • $6,000 ($250/month): Provides fingerprinting and background checks
  • $7,200 ($300/month): Provides training for 25 afterschool teachers
  • $8,400 ($350/month): Provides enrichment for 120 students
  • $9,600 ($400/month): Sponsors an afterschool teacher annually
  • $10,800 ($450/month): Sponsors an entire classroom
  • $12,000 ($500/month): Sponsors a Program Coordinator annually